Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why Is My Roof Failing?

The kind of wear that a roof suffers is usually a pointer to why it is on the verge of failing. Blisters, punctures as well as splits are usually the result of a given cause. A low quality design can lead to splits whereas falling debris creates punctures. When you understand some of these roof destruction causes, you can know how to prevent them.
5 reasons why your roof may be failing: 

  1. When gases are trapped in the roof, it causes blisters. The space between plies and insulation can be especially ideal for water vapour to be trapped. When the heat from the sun strikes the roof, blisters are the result. 
  2.  Open laps occurring on field membranes and flashings are a common reason for roofs to fall. When the installer is not keen to expertly apply adhesives on the entire lap, this can be a reason for your roof to fail. 
  3.  When membrane material gets to be flashed with metal, the result can be splitting. Expansion joints are a prime location for splitting to occur. Also with age, when the roof becomes more brittle, it can easily split. 
  4.  Punctures are relatively easy to prevent as they occur based on pressure application on the roof.  People who go there need to be careful. Smokers and painters, for example, need to be sure not to apply undue pressure on the roof. 
  5.  Wrinkles on the roof are also a cause of concern for any homeowner. They can occur in the membrane as well as the flashings. In the event that a differential movement occurs between the perimeter and deck, there will be a wrinkling of the flashings.

If you believe you have any of these issues, do not hesitate to call your BoyntonBeach roofing company to have a professional look at the possible damage or causes.